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$4,750,000 Settlement In Suit Alleging Negligence In Administering Dialysis

Beginning in 1994, Mrs. Doe, a 74 year old diabetic with a history of blindness and chronic renal failure, was treated with out-patient dialysis at Defendant, ABC Dialysis Center. On the date in question in September, 2001, she was receiving dialysis through a central venous access catheter.

Despite the fact that the dialysis standard requires constant observation, Mrs. Doe was left alone, and un­observed. in violation of the applicable standard, her dialysis access site was covered with clothing and out of view of the Center's personnel.

Minutes after dialysis was initiated, the central ac­cess catheter became disconnected from the machine. When her catheter became disconnected, Mrs. Doe suf­fered massive bleeding onto the floor which went unnoticed by the staff. As a consequence of the hemorrhage. she was rendered unconscious and fell out of chair onto the floor. After she was discovered there was then a negligent failure to timely initiate appropria resuscitative efforts.

Ultimately Mrs, Doe was resuscitated by EMS para­medics and transferred to the hospital where she was found to have a severe and irreversible brain injury. Several weeks later, she was transferred to an extended care facility for total maintenance care. Four months later, Mrs. Doe was readmitted to the hospital with methicillin resistant staphyloccal sepsis which proved fatal. If she had been treated properly, Mrs. Doe would be alive and well today.

Injury: Death

Mrs. Doe was survived by three adult children

Result: $4,750,000.00 settlement

Plaintiff's Expert Witnesses: Barry Siegel, M.D., Nephrology, Cleveland. OH; Thomas Hooton. M.D., Infectious Disease, Seattle. WA; John Burke, PhD., Economist, Cleveland. OH

Defendant's Expert Witnesses: Frank Parnelia, M.D.. Cardiovascular Disease, Cleveland, OH; Bruce Farber-. M.D , Infectious Disease. Manhasset. NY; An­drea Easom. APN, Nursing Expert, Little Rock, AR

Plaintiffs Attorneys: Charles Kampinski, Laurel A. Matthews, and Nadine Hauptman of Charles Karnpinski Co., I—PA., Cleveland, OH

Doe v. ABC Dialysis Center, (Ohio 2003)




Sep 1, 2003


Hospital Negligence

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